Excellent post about bras and bra sizes

November 11, 2010

You must go over to my dear friend Joy’s blog, The Joy of This, and read about bra sizes. The link, drumroll please: http://thejoyofthis.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/you-might-be-wearing-the-wrong-size-bra/.

Even as I type, I know I am wearing an incorrect size. Mainly because I lost some weight and really wanted to finally shop at Victoria’s Secret. The salesperson was too young and perky to understand what my mammies needed. I was too hungry to argue and think it through. The next time I buy a bra, probably after Christmas, I will definitely be going someplace where they can actually measure you. Or I will just have the hubby do it, he is very thorough when it comes to the girls.

So pull out the measuring tape, get the right bra and flaunt it ladies.


(PS There is even a section about bras for our breastfeeding gals!)



One Response to “Excellent post about bras and bra sizes”

  1. Joy said

    Thanks, Michelle!

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