November 10, 2010

Starting January 1st, I will be an apprentice doula with Get Babied Doula Collective ( here in Austin, Texas. Basically, it’s a 24/7 on-call doula service. Clients can pick and choose which services they want or they can choose package deals depending on how little or much they can spend. They have opportunities to meet all the doulas at a once-a-month meetup to get familiar with them before the big day. I will be an apprentice, which means if someone needs a cheaper option, I am their gal. As soon as I become certified and if Get Babied and I are a good fit, then I can become a full time on-call doula.

I decided this would be a good thing for me to do. Since I am still working at Whole Foods part time and watching my daughter full time, my time is a bit limited. Being an on-call doula though, I can just be on-call once a week instead of the full two weeks like I would be with a regular client. I will miss one on one meetings with clients though and certainly being on call for those two weeks can be exciting and is all apart of the trade when it comes to being a doula.

So, if you are going to have a baby and want a doula, find me at Get Babied Doula Collective! Everyone I have met so far has been super nice and super super professional.

Also, speaking of baby-related items; go to this website and sign up to win a free laboring skirt. It acually has a fancy name and everything, but it is a skirt designed by a mom and a doula with the laboring mother in mind. It’s super cool! Tell Joy that Michelle sent you too (although my only readers are Joy, Bethany and Ann…).

I will still continue to blog about my experience. Just wanted to give y’all an update about my doula-bizness yo.