Come on Rebozo!

November 11, 2010

Back in August, I ordered a Rebozo from DONA. I probably could have made one cheaper or purchased it from somewhere else, but I wanted to support DONA and their boutique.

I am still waiting for my order.

Apparently they are changing offices (to a whole new state!) and things tend to get lost in the cracks. Bless their hearts, they are doing the best they can especially since Doula interest has skyrocketed and more people than ever are getting certified to be doulas.

But let’s talk about the rebozo and why I can’t wait for it to get here! The rebozo is a long shawl/piece of fabric that can be used during labor and delivery. I know of doulas and mommas that have used them and love them. I remember meeting with my doula, discussing the rebozo thinking how divine it would be to use one during labor. Alas, on labor day, the last thought on my mind was the rebozo, but that’s what doulas are for anyways: to remind laboring mothers of their options. Anyways, I digress…

I ordered a purple rebozo. Mainly because I associate purple with power, especially¬†feminine power. With that order are also brochures about rebozos as well as brochures discussing doulas and Dads! But that’s another blog post altogether…I am just eagerly awaiting the arrival of my order for now.

Doulas, moms and midwives: how have you used or witnessed the rebozo being used? I would love to collect all different kinds of ways they have been used during labor and delivery.