The postpartum meetings

October 5, 2010

The postpartum meetings with the mothers are a little surreal for me. Granted, I have only had two clients and the meetings were great; but the tempo of them is so different from the pre-natal meetings and labor that it is a little hard to adjust to the postpartum scenario. There have been no complications with my two clients and they are adjusting beautifully to this new stage in their life. For the two postpartum meetings I have done, we usually talk about their own personal views and opinions of their birthing experience. We talk a bit about feeding and making sure the mom is taking care of herself (getting enough to eat, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, etc…) I make sure to ask the partner, too, about his/her experience.

So, my fellow doulas out there in blogland, what are other things you discuss with your clients about during that first postpartum meeting? Please feel free to comment. Thanks!